PRESS RELEASE: January 9, 2014 – Vol. 9, No. 1

Executive Director 2013 Annual Report shows operational and membership expansion

The Japanese American Veterans Association (JAVA)

Washington, DC. Colonel Bruce Hollywood, USAF (Ret), Executive Director, is proud to announce in his 2013 Annual Report that JAVA enjoyed considerable gains in operational results and in membership.

Col Bruce Hollywood, USAF (Ret) (right) with Secretary Mineta and wife Deni.  Photo from Hollywood.

Col Bruce Hollywood, USAF (Ret) (right) with Secretary Mineta and wife Deni. Photo from Hollywood.

The highlights of the report are as follows:

  • In a newly instituted “give back” program, the Honor Flight Network (HNF) was presented with a $17,500 check, collected as the result of a national fund drive. The HNF provides transportation and accommodations free of charge for World War II veterans to visit the World War II Memorial in Washington DC. The underlying basis for this donation initiated by JAVA is to demonstrate the appreciation of Japanese American veterans who have received benefits and recognition from the American public and various institutions. JAVA is grateful to the HNF for its efforts and 100% of the Japanese American donations sent to JAVA were donated to the HNF.
  • Nitto Tires USA, Inc., a Japanese corporation, in partnership with JAVA, has circulated, as a public service, to Japanese Americans in America 17,000 DVD entitled Senator Daniel Inouye, Journey to Washington; 1,000 and 500 DVDs entitled 442nd: Live with Dignity, Die with Honor and MIS: Human Secret Weapon, respectively.
  • The JAVA Speakers Bureau briefed Japanese Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae on the Japanese American experience during World War II. The Ambassador arranged a similar briefing to a ranking political visitor from Japan and also introduced JAVA officials to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida.
  • The Speakers Bureau also responded to invitations from a number of prestigious groups in 2013, including the George Washington University History Department as well as University of Maryland History Department, Army Navy Club of Washington, DC, Japan America Society, US Japan Council, Frederick County History Teachers Meeting, and Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • The National Archives digitization project, the collection of documents pertaining to the 100th Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service in a master electronic database, was increased by about 30% over the previous year, resulting in nearly 9,000 more documents available on-line that includes over 30,000 pages of additional material.  Four university students are populating the database that enables researchers to more easily retrieve data using key words, dates, etc. Any researcher can access this database electronically from anywhere in the world. This feature will greatly help perpetuate the legacy of the World War II Nisei generation and will open the door more widely to the greater public’s knowledge of Japanese American contributions to America.
  • Invitations for JAVA participation in Memorial Day and Veterans Day events have increased indicating the public’s desire to learn about the Japanese American experience during World War II.
  • Ten scholarships, each funded by JAVA family sponsors, were awarded to outstanding high school graduates enrolling in institutions of higher learning.
  • Mr. Terry Shima, Chair of JAVA’s Education and Out-Reach Committee, received recognitions of achievement from the White House, the Government of Japan, Asian American Government Executives Network (AAGEN), National Japanese American Memorial Foundation(NJAMF) and the Montgomery County Council, Maryland for his dedicated work to preserve the legacy of the Nisei soldiers who served during World War II. Mr. Shima’s personal effort to educate the American public about Japanese American contributions to America through JAVA spans nearly 14 years, the majority of the time spent as the JAVA Executive Director.
  • Forty-six veterans joined JAVA during 2013 bringing total registered membership to about 575.

A detailed 2013 Annual Report is available on the JAVA website,

Read the Executive Director 2013 Annual Report.


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