JAVA Advocate – Winter 2013

Read the JAVA Advocate, Winter 2013 edition.

Inside this issue:

  • Senator Inouye Awarded Highest Civilian Award
  • MIS Historic Learning Center Opens at Presidio
  • President’s Message
  • Rep.Takano Presents Shima with NJAMF Legacy Award
  • JAVA donates $17,500 to The Honor Flight Network
  • Congressional Gold Medal Exhibit Tour Opens In Houston
  • Spark Matsunaga Elementary School Pays Tribute to Veterans
  • Veterans Rank High in Iowa Governor’s Priorities
  • Bob Nakamoto Receives 2013 JAVA’s Terry Shima Leadership Award
  • Ono the first Asian American University of Cincinnati President
  • Ujifusa Speaks on Efforts to Enact Redress Legislation
  • Sixth Grader’s School Project Focuses on the Loyalty of the Nisei
  • Free Lifetime Memberships to Veterans
  • Smashing the Western Anchor of Gothic Line in Italy
  • Betty Yeiko Taira, December 1,1933 – November 23,2013
  • COL Thomas Sakamoto Remembered at MIS Historic Learning Center Opening
  • News and Views from Army’s Topside…
  • Veterans to Receive 1.5 Percent Cost-of-Living Increase in 2014
  • Executive Director 2013 Annual Report Shows Operational and Membership Expansion
  • Welcome New Members!
  • French Legion of Honor Presented to WW II Veterans
  • Grand Rapids WW II Veteran Receives French Legion of Honor Medal
  • Meet the Generals & Admirals
    • Brigadier General Anthony J. Cotton
    • Brigadier General Bruce E. Oliveira
  • News from Other Veterans Associations
  • Middle School Student Interviews JAVA Members for National Competition
  • Army Reserve Engineer and JAVA Member Promoted to General
  • Letters to the Advocate Editor
  • Yamada Asks: Why Serve?
  • SDF Official visits Japanese American Memorial
  • Thank you, Donors!
  • Checking…
  • Japanese American Veterans Association Membership Application
  • Upcoming Events
  • Correspondence

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