JAVA Advocate – Spring 2012

Read the JAVA Advocate, Spring 2012 edition.

Inside this issue:

  • President Obama congratulates 4 Congressional Gold Medal awardees at the White House
  • President’s Message
  • More than flag on Iwo Jima
  • JAVA quarterly luncheon
  • Day of Remembrance Program
  • Welcome New Members!
  • Day of Infamy: Pearl Harbor
  • JAVA booth at Sakura Matsuri
  • Nakasone promoted to BG
  • Filipino-American named Engineer of the Year
  • Maryland HS student interviews Ichikawa
  • Support for stamp honoring CGM awardees
  • Meet the Generals and Admirals
  • Other Veterans Organizations
  • MIS motion picture premier
  • JAVA offers 9 scholarships
  • CGM featured in NOAA ceremony
  • Thank you Donors!
  • Free Lifetime membership to War Veterans
  • Fed grant for Charlotte Hall Veterans Home
  • Songwriting unites veterans
  • Speakers Bureau photos
  • Hello Maggie book to Maryland county schools
  • First DVA secretary passes
  • Taps
  • Donations for Memorial Day flowers for gravesites
  • From the Editor
  • JAVA Committee Information
  • Upcoming Events

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