JAVA Advocate – Fall 2012

Read the JAVA Advocate, Fall 2012 edition.

Inside this issue:

  • JAVA presents Courage, Honor, Patriotism Award to Japan Ambassador Fujisaki
  • Sen. Akaka receives Lifetime Achievement Award
  • President’s Message
  • 442nd vet served in 3 wars Korean War Memorial Ceremony
  • JAVA honors Shima
  • Dinh appointed to VA committee
  • Nisei served in all military services during WWII
  • Film on Nisei gets Emmy Awd
  • Internment of Japanese Americans in Hawaii film
  • Mayumi marker in Texas
  • Meet the Generals and Admirals
  • McNaughton speaks about MOH recipient Munemori
  • News from Other Vets Orgs
  • JAVA Veterans Day Program
  • Harris on Issei Heritage
  • Lunch w/ Ranger Matsumoto
  • Welcome New Members
  • Thank You Donors
  • JAVA membership application
  • Taps
  • From the Editor
  • Help fund film on Matsumoto
  • Upcoming Events
  • JAVA Committee Information

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