Senator Daniel K. Inouye

“Best of his generation and best of the Japanese American community”

JAVA joins the Japanese American community and our country in mourning the passing of Senator Daniel K. Inouye.

The Senator was a devoted supporter of JAVA and a Charter Honorary Chair member of JAVA. President Gerald Yamada reminds us that “He represented the best of his generation and the best of the Japanese American community. His unsurpassed accomplishments will inspire future generations as to what is possible to achieve in America.” Yamada adds that JAVA “will always be appreciative of his sponsorship of legislative initiatives that were important to veterans and the Japanese American community.”

“He was a shining star of the greatest generation,&qout; fellow Hawaii Democratic Senator Daniel Akaka said at the late Senator Inouye’s memorial service at Honolulu’s National Memorial Cemetery according to an article from the Washington Post. Senator Daniel Akaka is also a noteworthy JAVA supporter.

Also cited in articles from the Washington Post, President Obama has said Senator Inouye was “perhaps my earliest political inspiration.” Recognizing Senator Inouye’s patriotism and fortitude to serve in his country’s military, even during a time when he and other Japanese Americans were considered enemy aliens, President Obama said this gave him “a powerful sense of hope.”quot;

Senator Inouye was an exceptional role model for us all. His achievements as an American leader, longtime Statesman, decorated war hero, and beloved community member are unmatched. There is an abundance of stories commemorating these diverse and extensive achievements. JAVA offers the following selection of articles for readers to remember, if not discover, the incredible positive influence he had on our community, the United States of America, and the world at large.