2015 JAVA Memorial Scholarships

The Japanese American Veterans Association (JAVA) offers twelve scholarships for 2015 through its Memorial Scholarship Program (MSP). The scholarships fall into three categories:

  • The United States Senator Daniel K. Inouye Memorial Scholarship (one award of $5,000)
  • The Founder’s Scholarship (one award of $3,000) in the name of Phil and Douglas Ishio.
  • JAVA Memorial Scholarships (ten awards planned of $1,500 each). For 2015, these are awarded in the names of Grant Hirabayashi; Joseph Ichiuji; Mitsugi Kasai; Teru and Victor Matsui; Betty Shima; Orville Shirey; Betty and Calvin Taira; Bob Nakamoto; Kelly Kuwayama; Kaoru Shimabukuro; and Kiyoko Taubkin.


The MSP is administered under the general direction of the JAVA Board of Directors with management of the program through the JAVA Memorial Scholarship Committee.

The MSP awards, first made in 2008, will be announced at the JAVA quarterly luncheon in June 2015.

The starting date for each year’s scholarship program shall be announced through a JAVA press release and JAVA’s Round Robin e-mail network. Application forms, as well as these rules, will be available on the JAVA website (www.javadc.org).

The closing date for receipt of applications shall be set forth in the JAVA website and the Round Robin. For 2015, the closing date is: May 15, 2015.


The JAVA Memorial Scholarship Committee is responsible for receiving, reviewing, and judging the applications. The Committee, comprised of no less than three members, will have approximately three weeks for its deliberations. The Scholarship Committee chair or a designated representative shall identify the awardees to the JAVA Board of Directors at a meeting scheduled for June 6, 2015. The selections made by the Scholarship Committee shall be deemed confirmed unless there is a written response from the majority of the Board within three days after notification that one or more of the recommendations should not be accepted.


There are different eligibility criteria for each of the three categories of JAVA Memorial Scholarships. The specific criteria are found on the separate application forms for each category of scholarship.

In establishing the eligibility requirements, JAVA has taken into account the known wishes of the families of the persons in whose names the funds were created, or gifts received. In addition, no person related directly, or by ancestry, i.e., by blood or marriage, to members of the Scholarship Committee or of the JAVA Board of Directors shall be eligible for an award under the MSP.

The separate application forms for each category of scholarship lists the documentation required to judge applicants.

Persons applying for a MSP award should use the official application form, which can be downloaded from the JAVA website.

The deadline for the submission of applications must be carefully observed. Particular note must be taken of the fact that all applications must be received at the address specified on the form by the deadline date in order that they can be timely considered. All applications must be complete and received by the deadline to be considered. Applications and supplemental information or materials received after the closing date will not be considered.

Determinations as to whom the scholarships are awarded will be based solely on the application, the supporting documentation, and the essay. No personal interviews will be required. Letters of recommendation and records of extra-curricular activities may be submitted at the discretion of the applicant.

It will not be possible to receive applications via facsimile or e-mail. Applicants may wish to make use of expedited delivery services. No applications, including supporting materials, will be returned.

The submission of an application shall be deemed to have given consent by the applicant to have his or her names, photos, essays, etc., used in connection with JAVA’s scholarship program.

The scholarship award will be paid for the awardee’s account direct to the treasurer or bursar of the institution where the applicant will be attending, or to such other office, a specified in the application.

No distinction shall be made as to the source from which the scholarship came, but the awards will be identified by the name of the person for which the scholarship is named.


The Board of Directors reserves the right, where exceptional circumstances warrant, to withhold the making of one or more scholarship awards in a given year, or to award more than the number of scholarships offered in any year. If the balance in a particular memorial fund should fall below the award level, the Board of Directors shall combine it with a kindred fund or funds until the combined JAVA Memorial Scholarship Fund has been totally expended.


Additional donations to any of the funds established under the JAVA Memorial Scholarship Program are welcomed. Donors may also request that similar memorial funds be established in the future.

The rules, instructions, and application forms may be found on JAVA’s website:

The closing date for applications is May 15, 2015.