JAVA Advocate – September 2010

Read the JAVA Advocate, September 2010 edition.

Inside this issue:

  • Kuroki receives Audie Murphy Award from American Veterans Center
  • President’s Message
  • New Mexico honors MOH recipient Miyamura
  • JAVA members receive Japan Foreign Minister’s Award
  • JAVA participates in VJ Day ceremonies
  • French towns honor 442 RCT
  • Photo: Kuwayama at NAUS luncheon
  • Sato-Yamazaki recognized by JAVA, Inouye, Japan Ambassador
  • Shinseki at APA leadership conference
  • 522nd veterans participate in Day of Remembrance
  • Thank you Donors
  • Smithsonian Portrait Gallery recognizes Mineta
  • News from other Vets Orgs
  • JAVA briefs Japan officials at Memorial to Patriotism
  • Official JAVA coin
  • Highlights from DVA
  • Photos: National Day of Honor; Speakers Bureau
  • Ichikawa at Roanoke College
  • Miyamura granddaughter
  • Sakumoto & Lost Battalion
  • Cherry Blossom queens visit JA War Memorial Court
  • Taps
  • From the Editor
  • Membership Application
  • JAVA member receives Spirit Award

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