Memorandum for Record                                                                                                         19 August 2000

SUBJECT: Minutes of the Japanese American Veterans Assn of Washington , DC.

1. An Executive Council meeting of JAVA was held on August 19,2000 at the residence of Phil Ishio, the newly elected President of JAVA.

2. Items not on the agenda:

  1. David Buto, JAVA Secretary , is doing well after his triple by-pass. Phil , as JAVA President, will send a get well card , in the name of JAVA.
  2. Paul Tani sent a letter to Phil congratulating JAVA on its superb website.
  3. Fumi Yamamoto called to say that Ted Tsukiyama , the 442nd historian in Hawaii, is coming to this area and will be at the luncheon at Harvest Moon Restaurant at 11:30 AM on September 30 to discuss specific needs to do research not only on the 442nd but also on MIS. Volunteers are sought and anyone interested should attend this luncheon. Contact Fumi is anyone wishes to attend.

3. Elections:

  1. Col/Dr Ernest Takafuji, newly elected VP, is soon to be transferred from this area, and therefore submitted his resignation.
  2. Calvin Ninomiya, the newly elected Treasurer, resigned his position as Treasurer and was elected Vice President by unanimous acclimation. He is to be also responsible for "Membership" with special emphasis on finding new members.
  3. Richard Omori, was elected as the new Treasurer by unanimous acclimation.

4. Tax Exempt Status:

  1. JAVA , to maintain its tax exempt status, must have 90% of its members consisting of war/combat veterans or 97.5% if civilians and wives of veterans are included. Dr Takafuji said that the term war/combat veterans is very limiting because the younger veterans do not fit into that category and therefore it would greatly limit the eligibility for JAVA membership.He felt that many veterans organizations just use the category of "veterans". Calvin Ninomiya will look into this aspect of JAVA bylaws.

5. Mailing Lists:

It was brought up that some members object to having their addresses and telephone numbers distributed widely such as the roster of JAVA members. Dr Takafuji recommended that in mailing out requests for membership dues , a statement be included saying that the member does not object to having his name on the roster to be circulated among JAVA members and included in the JAVA website ; that it would be signed by the members. This move would be legally correct.

6. Fred Murakami (who was absent at this meeting), Phil Ishio, Jerry Yamada and others formed a Veterans Subcommittee to give the veterans a more visible role during the NJAMF dedication ceremonies. On Saturday, November 11, there will be a Veterans breakfast at the Holiday Inn (near the Memorial site) at 8:30AM. There will be three Medal of Honor recipients as guests at this function. They are: George Sakato, Hershey Miyamura (Korean War MOH recipient and speaker at the breakfast), and one other from Hawaii. The Foundation will pick up the tabs for their tickets only and their hotel accommodations etc will be picked up from contributions from various veterans organizations. Kelly Kuwayama offered to pick up Sakato at the airport and Joe Ichiuji offered to pick up the delegate from Hawaii. Phil will be responsible for Hershey.

7. Wreath Laying Ceremonies:

The wreath laying ceremony will be at the Monument at 11:30 on November 11th . (also National Veterans Day). 800 has already signed up and the problem will be space for the street bordering the Monument will not the closed for the second time. It is being negotiated.

8. Items for Sale

  1. The foundation will be selling caps and Tshirts at the registration desk.
  2. Warren Tsuneishi will also sell JAVA.s book "The American Patriot".

9. Full Page Ad in the NJAMF’s publication. Someone thought JAVA had already approved the sum of $1,000 for the one page ad, but apparently nothing was done. Phil will check into this and try to get the ad in. (I checked the JAVA website minutes and on Jan 15 meeting, the sum of $1,000 was approved. Copy of minutes faxed to Phil )

10. Flags:

  1. Phil said JAVA should have a set of flags (American flag and a JAVA flag) for the veterans services. Other veterans groups would have their flags. Warren Tsuneishi with Yukio Kawamoto assisting, will be responsible to getting the honor flags ready by dedication time.
  2. Phil said we need honor guards to carry the flags. Yukio Kawamoto volunteered the name of Grant Hirabayashi. No firm decision was reached.

11. Display of Appreciation to Senator Akaka

  1. Phil suggested a banquet to express JAVA’s appreciation for the work Senator has done on behalf of the Nisei veterans such as his role in obtaining MOH for 20 Niseis, his role in obtaining Presidential Unit Citation for MISers, and others. Dr Takafuji said he knows Akaka and he would appreciate a plaque more than a banquet. Perhaps we should just invite him at one of our functions and present him with a plaque of appreciation. More discussions will be held at a later date,
  2. Senator Akaka is now in Hawaii recuperating from a hip replacement operation. Dr Takafuji will send Akaka’s Hawaii address and Phil will send him a get well card from JAVA.

12. A Generous Contribution from Mike Okusa.

Mike Okusa offered to contribute a sum of $ 2,350 to help JAVA defray some of the expenses related to the dedication ceremonies. The sum of $350 was for NJAMF’s program of an add in the Washington Post naming organizations, companies and individuals supporting the Memorial.

Submitted by Grant Ichikawa, interim temporary Secretary replacing Dave Buto.