Memo from the JAVA Treasurer:

In pursuit of JAVA's expanded vision and goal of becoming more than just a local veteran's organization, it is rapidly advancing towards its objective of becoming a national representative of all Japanese-American veterans of past conflicts. Towards these ends, we have initiated a number of new programs, largely through the guidance of it President, Bert Mizusawa, and the hard work and dedicated services of its hard core members, Grant Ichikawa, Terry Shima, Vic Mukai, Paul Tani, Dave Buto, and a few others.

All of these activities require funding over and above the amount normally collected from member dues. We have been fortunate in receiving donations from our members. During calendar year 2003 and through July 2004, we received the follow donations:

Up to $99.00

Joe Ichiuji, David Tanaka (2), Kintaro Hamashige, Roy Inui (2), Ted Yanari, Ray Murakami, Stanley Falk, Yenichi Kuwayama, David Masuo, George Liao, Jimmie Kanaya, Betty Taira

$100 - $199

Fumie Yamamoto, Yukio Kawamoto, Jack Hirose, Grant Ichikawa, Grant Hirabayashi

$200 - $299

Jack Hirose, Martha Nakagawa & Charles Kobayashi

$500 - 599

Julia Kuroda

$1000 and up

Bert Mizusawa, Mike Okusa

Note: (2) means twice

The total contributions for 2003 & half of 2004 equal $2985.00. We wish to thank the above contributors. Remember, these donations are tax deductible. We would welcome additional contributions from our other members.

We could be in better financial health if some 30 current members of JAVA would remember to send in their dues for the year 2004. It is already past mid-year. I will be sending letters to each of the above 30 members to remind you to help our Treasury by mailing your check made out to JAVA and mailing it to Jack Tashiro at 9907 Inglemere Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817.