JAVA Executive Council Meeting, September 29, 2001

Executive Council meeting was held at the home of Joe Ichiuji. Phil Ishio, JAVA President, presided over the meeting which was attended by the following members:

Host Joe Ichiuji, Stan Falk, Fred Murakami, Warren Tsuneishi, Mike Okusa, Kelly Kuwayama, Norman Ikari, Jerry Yamada, Hank and Seiko Wakabayashi and Grant Ichikawa.

Unanimously voted to reimburse Dave Buto sum of $63.00 for JAVA domain name, JAVADC.ORG for two years.

Phil Ishio reported that JAVA donated $500 to the Disaster Relief Fund, sponsored by the American Red Cross in response to the recent terrorist attack on WTC and Pentagon. He suggested that if anyone wishes to contribute to a disaster fund, there are tax and other advantages if it was made in JAVA’s name. Therefore it was suggested that checks be made payable to JAVA , specify the name of the fund, and mail to Mike Okusa, JAVA treasurer. He will then send the contribution in JAVA’s name.

On the request from Nisei VFW Post 8985 to support its position against JACL resolution regarding the WWII nisei resisters, Grant read two emails on the subject from Roy Inui from Samarnish WA and David Masuo from Anchorage, Alaska, which in effect stated that we should let this matter rest. After much discussion, all agreed and JAVA should stand by its previous resolution of offering our hand of friendship. Unanimously voted not to support Post 8985’s request to join them. It was agreed that this matter will not be discussed at the coming General Meeting.

Changes in by-laws approved as presented. JAVA has one honorary member, Hershey Miyamura a MOH recipient. In future , Hershey should be on the mailing list of our Newsletter, It was proposed that the other MOH recipients be asked if they would like to join JAVA as an honorary member.

Grant gave a briefing on the status of the quilt (120,000 Tassel Tapestry). He reported that it is currently being displayed at the Indiana Military Museum in Indianapolis and in March it is scheduled to travel to Hawaii accompanied by Leila (teacher) and a few of the students. Mike reported that we received a total of $7,600 in contributions ,with expenditures totaling $3,258. The balance was sent to a fund in Lafayette for future expenses related to the quilt, including shipping. JAVA now has no quilt fund. Mike also reported that JAVA received $500 from NORCAL MIS for expenses related to the showing of "Uncommon Courage" and $500 from Grant Hirabayashi, which he received as honorarium for his talks on the Nisei veterans. Among the membership renewal, there were 10 lifetime memberships.

There will be a wreathlaying ceremony at the new JA Memorial on Sunday, November 11 . It will be an annual event every Veterans Day. Melvin Chiogioji, Chmn of National Japanese American Memorial Foundation will be the main speaker. It was decided that there will be no reception luncheon after the ceremony since it would be too difficult to plan for it would be impossible to estimate the number attending the luncheon.

April 27th was decided as the day selected to host a dinner for Senators Akaka and Inouye. Reservations has already been made at Ft Myer.This luncheon is to hosted jointly with JACL. Invitations have already been sent to the two Senators.

D-Day Museum: 3-Day ceremony for the dedication of the Pacific Wing of the D-Day Museum in New Orleans will be held on December 7, 2001, to remember Pearl Harbor. Gayle Yamada’s "Uncommon Courage" will be shown in recognition of the Nisei participation in the Pacific War. Grant gave Phil a colored enlargement of the Presidential Unit Citation (PUC) award and a background of the PUC award to be sent to the D-Day Museum with a recommendation that the PUC award by displayed. Harry Akune provided the color photographs of the PUC award.

Unanimous approval was given to Warren Tsuneishi to advertise the JAVA book "The American Patriot"in the Pacific Citizen since we have a good supply remaining.

Jerry Yamada reported that they are planning a group excursion to Las Vegas in February 2002. The cost of the hotel will be about $145.00 for four days including meals.  He will provide details , or if anyone is interested, please call Jerry Yamada

Grant Ichikawa

for Dave Buto, JAVA Secretary